Looking Back in Time - Overview
SATIN GLASS, Looking Back In Time CD is the first of a series of new age rock CD's that open the musical barriers of time and imagination. Take a journey into the creational world of progressive new age rock with SATIN GLASS. Coming Soon CD #2, 'SATIN GLASS - FACES OF A CLOWN' Brad has been a professional and project studio musician for over 30 years in the area of percussion and classical keyboard influenced by classical and jazz music. All music is written, arranged, produced and performed in a digital based project studio. Looking Back In Time: CD Review: Journey into time with a dynamic and melodic/percussive solo premier CD. Be the first to take a ride in the Time Machine as you begin your journey back in time. Then enter a Time Warp where you'll find yourself speeding through endless space into 'Flight Of The Brass Ring', an entree of synthesizer leads tastefully cascaded against a syncopated melody line. Your journey is just beginning into the distant galaxies as you become a 'Time Traveler'; a hard driving rhythm against a spacey synthesizer melody ready to take you into the creational world of new age rock. Now it's time to take a relaxing rest from your travels with 'Silk and Satin', a textured and ambient melody that is sure to put you at ease from your journey. If you value your freedom, then 'Free and Easy' will take you there as a catchy new age pop song that includes a synthesizer solo and a grooving finish. If you like the circus, then get ready to sit in the front row with a progressive rock orchestration about a circus clown who hopelessly falls in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. So join the ringmaster, acrobats, jugglers, pantomimes, and the strongman for a night at the circus with 'The Faces Of A Clown.' 'Rappit' is a new age RAP song with a nice funky twist!!! 'Song Of Peace' is an orchestrated composition that will surely put you at peace with the world. Now take a galactic evening drive with 'My Feelings Tonight', a new age pop song with a melodic synthesizer solo and an interesting mixture of percussive elements. Then go deep into cyberspace with 'Cyber Head', an instrumental Piece that is sure to capture your imagination. 'Seasons Of Life' is a nice slow orchestrated melodic song about how romance and the seasons of life go hand in hand! 'I've Got A Dream' is a song written back in 1989 with a very percussive yet melodic feel. Finally, 'Pictures From An Exhibition, Promenade' features a drum solo as an introduction to this fascinating composition of Mussorgsky. ENJOY and THANK YOU!!!! Satin Glass.
Original New Age, Rock/Pop and Progressive arrangements based on melodic and innovative textures.

Music is written, arranged and performed by Brad Savage with featured guests and lyricists.

CD Releases:

Looking Back In Time [available on all major music websites]

A second CD release is scheduled for 2022 - FACES OF A CLOWN - A dynamic and exciting CD filled with progressive rock and tasteful orchestrations.

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Take a journey with Satin Glass!!!
Artist Instrument Selection:
Steinway, Hammond, Moog MultiMoog, Moog Prodigy, Mellotron, Freeman String Symphonizer, Fender Rhodes, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Pearl, Paiste, Zildjian, ProMark, Neumann (applicable trademarks represent listed manufacturers)

Brad Savage: Percussion Ensemble, Keyboards, Guitars* and Vocals**

*Jim Greaser: Guitar on Give Me Light (Long Rock Version)
**Alison Bradbury: Vocals on Give Me Light (Pop Version)

Mary Tornetta: Lyrics on "Ingham Spring":


1966-1967 Soulsations ( Bill Buchanan, Lore Bailey, Ken Custer, Bill Fender, Bob Lackenmeyer, Brad Savage)

1968-1969 Watch Tower (Ken Custer, Henry Gennaria, Brad Savage)

1969-1970 Noxious Gas (Ken Custer, Henry Gennaria, Bob Engle, Brad Savage)

1970-1971 Chain Reaction (Joe Brango, Dave Kalil, Ernie Jacob, Jon Marrone, Brad Savage)

1971-1972 Chain Reaction Regroup (Joe Brango, Ernie Jacob, Brad Savage, Wayne Detwiler, Jeff Wienerowicz)

1972-1973 Tension Lou "Skeeter" Sparano, Joe Tuzzi, Dave Kalil, Damien Drewicz, Jim Greaser, Zoe Pruzinowski, Brad Savage

1973-1974 Tension Regroup (Lou "Skeeter" Sparano, Joe Tuzzi, Dave Kalil, Ernie Jacob, Bob White, Damien Drewicz, Jim Greaser, Brad Savage)

1975-1976 Zap (Steve Rosenthal, Kurt Palomaki, Damien Drewicz, Jim Greaser, Brad Savage)

1976-2021 Satin Glass (Brad Savage with featured guests)